Sur le terrain Discover nature – The most beautiful places to relax and unwind

Photo avec la INNOX PRO GTX MID Ws, Microadventures

Where can I do it?

Often, great places to relax are just around the corner. Many local recreation areas make it easy to enjoy being outdoors and to go on a new discovery tour every time. You don’t need much and still have the oppor­tunity to rediscover your home. Just let the fresh wind blow around your nose or enjoy the warm rays of the sun – outdoor can be so beautiful!

What do I need?

You don’t need much for a microad­venture. You probably already have most of the things you need at home. Grab a pair of sturdy walking shoes, a rucksack with some food and drinks and off you go – off to new adventures!

Attention: Don’t forget sunscreen in good weather 😉

How much time do I have to plan for the outing?

Basically, there are no time restrictions: whether you spend just five minutes on a bench by the side of the path listening to the birds chirping or a whole day at the lake – you decide how much time you want to take to enjoy nature to the fullest and leave everyday life behind you.