Sur le terrain Herb Hike

Photo avec la INNOX PRO GTX MID, Microadventures

Where can I do it?

You can take a herb hike in fields, meadows or woods. You will find all sorts of edible herbs along the way. The objective is not to find 50 different herbs during the outing. Three to five will do just fine. Even if you haven’t got the foggiest notion about wild herbs, you will certainly find a few herbs that you know, like daisies, nettles and dandelions.

What do I need?

We recommend good shoes, a bag or basket for your herbs and a small pocketknife for your microad­venture. If you want to collect herbs that you are unfa­miliar with, you should defi­nitely take along a small book about herbs!

How much time do I have to plan for the outing?

Depending on the size of the area that you want to explore, you should plan to spend 1.5 hours to three hours. If you plan to eat the herbs right after you get home, you will need about an hour to prepare and then enjoy them.