Sélection de chaussures What is the meaning of the letters “GTX” in a shoe name?

GTX is an abbre­viation frequently applied at LOWA that some customers may use in a store when asking for “LOWA GTX”. But just what do these three letters mean, and what do they have to do with shoes? The answer is quite simple: The abbre­viation stands for the brand GORE-TEX. This company produces high-quality membranes that make shoes waterproof and brea­thable. The thin layer of laminate is simply attached to a shoe’s inner lining. As a result, sweat and moisture can be trans­ported from the shoe, but no water or wind can penetrate it. The membrane comes in a range of versions – including as a lining. Shoes with a GORE-TEX membrane are ideal for the frosty time of year.