Entretien How can I dry my shoes?

Photo avec la NABUCCO EVO GTX, 2020_LOWA_Schuhhacks

Let’s say that you have just gotten caught in a downpour, and, somehow, rainwater has seeped into your shoes. At some point, your socks may feel as though they have just completed the rinse cycle of a washing machine. Once you finally get home, you squeakily pull your feet from the sodden shoes. After you have towelled off your feet, you face one vexing question: “How will I ever be able to get my favourite pair of shoes dry?” All you have to do is apply an old, but effective trick. You simply have to place your shoes in a warm place. But remember this: You should not place them directly on or under a heating unit or an oven. This could damage leather shoes, turning them porous and brittle. The better place is near a heating unit or in a warm room. Once you have found a good place, stuff newsprint into the shoes. But be careful and do not pack the paper too tightly into the footwear. The shoe will curl up if you do. The paper will absorb the moisture inside the shoe. You should remember one other thing as well: Remove the moist newsprint from the shoes the next day.