Be sure to use the right footwear Warm feet produce smiling faces

Photo avec la MADDOX WARM GTX MID, Winterwandern mit Kindern

Several points have to be kept in mind when you select the right footwear for winter hikes.

The footwear must keep chil­dren’s feet dry and warm. This is why you should make sure that the shoes you purchase have a waterproof and brea­thable GORE-TEX lining and a layer of insu­lation. Soles that include large studs and grooves on the heel and toe provide good support in the snow. The boots should not feel like a “ball and chain” on the feet. They should feel as light as possible. The wearer must be comfortable in the footwear and be able to move around easily in it.


« Winter boots should never be too narrow. The result could be cold feet if they are. You will be better off if you purchase footwear that is a size too large for this reason. »

Steffi, a daily travel mate