LOWA TRAIL Explorers Team Philipp Stuckhardt

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Philipp Stuckhardt was born and raised in Hersfeld, Hesse. Not exactly the place you would imme­diately associate with trail running. And yet Philipp is an enthu­siastic trail runner, always on exciting trails or on the road and has long been perma­nently infected by the sport of running and trail running.

His passion for nature is no coin­cidence. Even as a child, he actively helped out on his own farm and thus developed a close bond with nature, animals and the mountains at an early age. Philipp Stuck­hardt’s enthusiasm was so great that he decided to spend a season as an alpine farmer in the Swiss Alps in 2015. He always remembers this time with pleasure. After all, this is also where the most beautiful trail expe­riences were created for him. Since then Philipp knows: « Running in the mountains is a completely different challenge and enrichment than classic road running. I wouldn’t want to miss running and espe­cially trail running in my life anymore. »

The simple formula for a perfect day is quite simple for the full-time Demeter farmer: train and work and feel completely healthy! His greatest successes to date show that his training pays off. At the UTMB 2022 in Gindelwald he made it to first place as a trail runner. Not to forget, of course, the nomi­nation for the World Cham­pionships in Innsbruck 2023.

Philipp Stuckhardt does not have a real role model. For him, it is always important to be the best version of himself.

Quelques chiffres et données

Date de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Bad Hersfeld
Pays d’origine:
Bad Hersfeld
Demeter farmer
1,84 m
66 kg

Philipp Stuckhardt,
How do you vanish your inner temp­tation?

« Lace up your running shoes without any ifs and buts, just start running right away and remember your last success. Then it runs almost by itself and the moti­vation comes step by step. »

What do you do just before a compe­tition? Is there a special ritual?

« I look for a quiet corner, if possible, away from the crowd. That’s the best way for me to focus mentally on the compe­tition. »

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the finish line?

« First of all, I am happy when I reach the finish line healthy. Health is the greatest good for me and stands above all else. »

What are you most grateful for?

« That I was able to spend my childhood on our farm in Hersfeld and thus expe­rienced direct access to nature and the animal world from an early age. »