LOWA TRAIL Racers Team Jojo Klein

Outdoors is freedom

Jojo Klein’s defi­nition of the outdoors is as simple as it is powerful: outdoors is freedom! The outdoors and freedom have always both played an important role in Jojo’s life. After studying media, sports and event mana­gement, the endurance athlete from Oberstdorf in Germany’s Allgäu region knew exactly where he wanted to go: outdoors, and nowhere else. If possible, way high up the mountains.

Which is why he is deeply rooted in the Oberallgäu district, where he will probably remain for the rest of his life. He has been working there for seven years as a qualified mountain and trail-running guide, and is also a kitchen expert at the Berg­gasthof Seealpe mountain restaurant, where he serves delicious Allgäu deli­cacies to other outdoor enthu­siasts and ensures that guests do not die of thirst.

When it comes to his outdoor acti­vities, it is parti­cularly important to Jojo that he can define himself freely – and redefine himself again if necessary. He doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a trail runner only. “Sometimes I’m a trail runner, sometimes a skyrunner, sometimes a hiker and sometimes just a person going for a walk. Pursuing things with healthy discipline and constant mind­fulness, that’s what true freedom means to me, ” is how Jojo sums up his personal life philosophy.

No wonder that this unders­tanding of discipline and freedom has already brought the down-to-earth Allgäuer a great deal of sporting success and made him a well-known perso­nality in the trail running scene. Since his first ATR compe­tition, the Nebel­horn­berglauf in 2015, Jojo has already secured a place on the podium in numerous national and inter­na­tional compe­titions over a wide diversity of trails and distances. He is above all proud of his victories at the Allgäu Panorama Ultratrail and the Walser Ultratrail, as these are his home races. At inter­na­tional level, the numerous top placings he has achieved in Skyrunning World Series races are his greatest pride.

Apart from his profes­sional trail-running projects, Jojo looks back with particular gratitude and happiness on two private outdoor expe­riences. Firstly, the one-day solo ascents of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. And secondly, his personal Zugspitze adventure, where he climbed Germany’s highest mountain three times in one day – taking the Jubiläumsgrat, the Höllental via ferrata and finally the Gatterl climbing routes.

Quelques chiffres et données

Date de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Oberstdorf im Allgäu
Pays d’origine:
Oberstdorf im Allgäu
Certified trained mountain and trail-running guide, Junior chef
1,83 m
68 kg

Jojo Klein,
How has the sport changed your life?

« Structured training provides a plan for my everyday life. This plan gives me freedom, and every day has a meaning and value for me. I can use the day to work on myself and move forward in life. »

Do you have any advice for people who would like to give Trail­running a try?

« As I said before, everyone decides for them­selves what trail running means to them. Take it easy at the beginning: you don’t have to run up the Zugspitze in one go to be a trail runner. It’s enough to just pull on your trail runners and head off into the next forest and cross country over hill and dale. If you want to get to know this endurance sport in the great outdoors, you just have to approach it with a lot of fun and freedom. Passion will show you how far and where you can go… »

What does happiness mean for you?

« Taking complete respon­si­bility for everyday decisions, be they big or small. »

What is your favourite LOWA shoe?

« That’s simple: LOWA CITUX. Light and direct, it is made for technical terrain, but is also comfortable over longer distances. »

Do you have a role model?

« When it comes to endurance sports, my role model is Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge. Not just for his athletic achie­vements, but also for his whole attitude to life and the way he presents himself and the sport to the outside world. He’s a true ambassador for endurance sports. Another person who has always inspired me, espe­cially in terms of perso­nality and character, is tennis star Roger Federer – he will always be the champ for me! »