LOWA TRAIL Racers Team Gioia Bebi

Don’t wait for the storm to pass, but dance in the rain

About lacing up your running shoes, stepping out of the front door and in a few minutes exploring natural, undis­covered trails in the middle of the Grison Alps… This sounds like something out of a picture book but has been real life for Gioia since she was a child. No wonder her love and enthusiasm for mountain sports prac­tically go back to her birth. While she above all loves cross-country skiing in winter, her heart belongs to trail running in the summer months.

Even as a child, Gioia, her sister Selina and their cousins would scamper around specially made sports tracks in the garden, reenacting the Olympic Games, or career down the moun­tainsides as fast as they could during family hikes. From these playful mountain and valley acti­vities of her childhood years, the young athlete from Davos has since developed a true and earnest passion for trail running: “The sport gives so much back to me, it’s incredible. Outdoor running surrounded by nature, first and foremost, means pure relaxation for me. I can sort out my thoughts, am completely at one with myself, and can deal inten­sively with whatever issues I have. On every run I make, I expe­rience new adventures and chal­lenges, which make me more self-confident and at the same time also more disci­plined.”

Gioia also takes the strength and focus she gains from trail running with her into her compe­titions. Her ritual before every race is to clear her mind, focus on her body, breath, and consciously visualise the goals she has set for herself. The down-to-earth Swiss athlete is aware of how her training helps her grow and develop, and says that “The special thing about trail running for me is that the sport strengthens me both physically and mentally”. After the race, Gioia always takes a few minutes to enjoy the moment, relax and congra­tulate other parti­cipants. After all, supporting each other and being sincerely happy about each other’s successes is part and parcel of sports.

At all events, Gioia is looking forward to the upcoming trail sessions, in both the training and the compe­tition rounds. Her favourite trail companion? Without a doubt: LOWA CITUX!

Quelques chiffres et données

Date de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Pays d’origine:
Flüela Schwarzhorn
1,66 m
56 kg

Gioia Bebi,
What was your best trail or mountain expe­rience?

« I can’t pick out just one, I enjoy every moment in the mountains. I like long hikes that don’t need much gear, where I can cool off in a beautiful alpine lake and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. I also find sunrises parti­cularly fasci­nating. Being on the summit early in the morning and seeing the sun rise is always a goosebump moment for me! »

How do you shake off your own laziness and do your training?

« I always think about the feeling after the trail run, and that I’ll feel so much better after I run than before. I know that sport helps me clear my head and sort out my thoughts after a hard day. This motivates me to go running. My tip: regularly sche­duling runs into your daily routine – now and then with friends as well – helps avoid the idea of skipping running in the first place. »

How would you describe your perfect day?

« For me, the perfect day is spending the day with my friends in the mountains. This includes a nice mountain hike, spending a lot of time together, laughing and enjoying life. Sitting around a campfire in the evening and sleeping under the stars would be the perfect ending for me. »

Which hiking or running trail would you recommend?

« As I live in Davos, I have a number of wonderful trails right on my doorstep that I can recommend to anyone. One of my favourites starts at the Flüela Pass in Davos. From there, a scenic trail through pictu­resque land­scapes takes you to three beautiful turquoise mountain lakes. After a quick dip in one of the lakes, the trail returns to the pass via the Fins­terlücke. The Jöriseen lakes offer a brea­th­taking vista with an impressive panorama. »

What other hobbies do you pursue besides moun­tai­neering?

« Besides trail running in the summer, my great passion in the winter months is cross-country skiing. I first tried cross-country skiing at the age of three and have loved the sport ever since. I also did gymnastics regularly for several years, although I’m no longer active as a gymnast, but as a gymnastics coach. I also enjoy spending time in my garden and am very fond of animals. »

What is your favourite LOWA shoe?

« My favourite LOWA model is defi­ni­tively LOWA CITUX – a very light trail runner that still guarantees a good grip on the ground. It also fits my rather narrow foot perfectly. I’m already looking forward to doing a whole lot of short, fast trails in these shoes. »