Entretien How do I properly store my shoes?

Photo avec la RENEGADE GTX MID Ws, 2020_LOWA_Schuhhacks

Once autumn sets in, it is time for your summer shoes to go into hiber­nation and for some different foot soldiers to be called up for duty. But how can I store my sandals, sneakers and light summer shoes and prevent them from becoming misshapen and dusty? You should keep a few tricks in mind when you store these shoes if you want to enjoy them next year. It’s very important, of course, that you first clean your shoes. Then keep a few small things in mind: The best place to store your footwear is a generally dust-free, cool place. Such places include the basement or attic. But you have to make sure that the area has little humidity and good venti­lation. This will help to prevent the shoes from becoming mouldy. If you store your shoes in a closet, you should ventilate the closet every now and then. If you store them in a shoe box, all you have to do is cut one or two venti­lation holes in the box. Of course, brea­thable bags made of a light material can also get the job done. You can use shoetrees to help your shoes to retain their form while being stored. Once the rays of summer reappear, you can slip back into clear, dust-free shoes that have perfectly main­tained their form.